About Nat

Hello, I’m Nat - a wife, mom, certified health coach and freelancer, who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In the small windows of time I have during the day between freelancing for a City organization and managing the children’s school drop off, pick up and social schedules, I breathe by exploring my creative side.

I was also diagnosed with severe depression in August 2017, following the sudden death of my 10-month old baby, Leo. I am feeling much better, without taking anti-depressants, but making major changes to my lifestyle, but this is a journey and I have not reached my destination.

I love food. Here you will find an abundance of recipes, both my own and those from other great cooks. All of them delicious and always with the focus on healthy and wholesome food for the soul that is quick to prepare for everyday eating.I’m also currently enrolled in the RouxBe Culinary School that specializes in professional plant based culinary skills.

I also love creating. I’ll bring you along while I explore passions for handmade things.

This blog is my invitation for you to join me on my journey of finding and living in a simpler, more wholesome way. I hope you come along and enjoy as we eat, breathe and create, together.

Happy living,
Nat x