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Since the summer, things have changed a lot and now in January I can feel I am starting to feel that change is in the air again, and I will have to adapt again. I felt that this blog did not reflect how I eat, breathe and create. It was time to acknowledge  where it was going, how other people interacting with it, and what I wanted to showcase. My own portfolio, which is for everyone to see through blog stories, needed a dedicated space which will be updated regularly, and also required a section  on analogue photography my preferred creative medium that dictates my approach to photography. You will find how geeky I have become about analogue photography under 'Analogue Field Notes', should you want to follow the #filmisnotdead movement.

I have also had the privilege of shooting restaurants by myself or for Kitchen Conversations. products and creatives. I will start posting about these on the blog. Although this blog mainly features analogue pictures, I also shoot digital for assignments. The combination is really beautiful.


if you are looking for unique, real yet simple photography for your brand, do not hesitate to contact me through the form below or directly on emails.


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